I believe there is life outside of Earth. There are many planets in the observable universe, and thirteen billion years is a long time. I doubt, however, that DNA has much to do with it. I believe P ≠ NP. How else could it be so hard to prove? Relatedly, even non-standard computing architectures, based … More Credo

Whatshisname’s Theorem

Maybe it’s because I recently read Contact and 2001: A Space Odyssey; perhaps it’s the glorious recent exoplanet reports from analysis of Kepler data; or it could just be random fluctuations; but lately I’ve been thinking about how lovely it would be to finally establish first contact with an alien civilization. As fun as intergalactic … More Whatshisname’s Theorem

Valentine Confession

Valentine’s day is upon us, so I think it’s a good time to say this: I love mathematics. I suppose that a large part of that is similar to what some people look for in their beloved ones: the mystery, surprise. Mathematics, with all her hard-set iffs and irrevocable deduction, always manages to surprise me. … More Valentine Confession


Thanksgiving is upon us, and although my ancestors did not brutally massacre thousands of Native Americans in colonial ecstasy, and although I do not believe in the Christian god, perhaps it would be a good time to say thanks, in general. If there is some sort creator to this universe, lets call it Nature, know … More Thanksgiving