I believe there is life outside of Earth. There are many planets in the observable universe, and thirteen billion years is a long time. I doubt, however, that DNA has much to do with it. I believe P ≠ NP. How else could it be so hard to prove? Relatedly, even non-standard computing architectures, based … More Credo

Whatshisname’s Theorem

Maybe it’s because I recently read Contact and 2001: A Space Odyssey; perhaps it’s the glorious recent exoplanet reports from analysis of Kepler data; or it could just be random fluctuations; but lately I’ve been thinking about how lovely it would be to finally establish first contact with an alien civilization. As fun as intergalactic … More Whatshisname’s Theorem

Valentine Confession

Valentine’s day is upon us, so I think it’s a good time to say this: I love mathematics. I suppose that a large part of that is similar to what some people look for in their beloved ones: the mystery, surprise. Mathematics, with all her hard-set iffs and irrevocable deduction, always manages to surprise me. … More Valentine Confession


Thanksgiving is upon us, and although my ancestors did not brutally massacre thousands of Native Americans in colonial ecstasy, and although I do not believe in the Christian god, perhaps it would be a good time to say thanks, in general. If there is some sort creator to this universe, lets call it Nature, know … More Thanksgiving

The Officer’s Paradox

לאחרונה עלה במוחי ניסוי מחשבתי, אשר כל אדם עם נסיון צבאי יתפסוהו כמעניין ובעל משמעות. נניח שבוקר אחד, קצין בצה”ל, לצורך העניין סגן, קם, פשט את הפיג’מה, ולבש את מדיו. הוא דיגם את עצמו, נעץ את סיכת המ”מ, הלך לראות במראה כיצד הוא יפה וחביב, ובהליצות דעת וסיפוק עצמי, הצדיע לעצמו במראה. או אז, הוא … More The Officer’s Paradox