Binary music

Overall, there is a lot of information stored on our computers. Take a new machine, straight from the box, and install an operating system on it. That might take several GB of space. That’s quite a vast quantity of bits. Why not do something productive with them (apart, of course, from having them run your … More Binary music


Take a loot at this amazing computer related magazine I found at the shop one day. I nearly fell off my feet when I saw it.  

If I Were a Pirate

חבר לעבודה ביקש ממני לתרגם את השיר “לו הייתי פיראט” מאת השלושרים לאנגלית (וודאי כדי להרשים בחורה כזו או אחרת). החרוזים פחות או יותר נשארו, וגם המקצב, אז בסך הכל אני דיי מרוצה (פרט לשורה המזוויעה, “ודמי יתנפץ אל הדופק”). If I were a pirate If I were a pirate, if a princess you were, … More If I Were a Pirate

Relative Love

A poem about a poor physicist’s attempt at love. Relative Love When I was young, I loved a girl, A maiden fair, with ruby lips and golden curl. A wild rose, merely scenting her perfume Ignited delight; like to see her bloom! I observed her life from day to night, Loving from afar, basking in … More Relative Love