Nightly day

Winter is finally here, and the nights are getting colder. And longer. It now starts to grow dark at 17:00, and at 18:00 it feels like the middle of the night, or so my friends have shared with me. The Autumn Equinox, the date in which the night and day are of equal length, has … More Nightly day

Winter, Beats and Open Office Errors

Not a long while ago, I posted a note on how the northern hemisphere could remain in perpetual winter, if only Earth’s precession rate matched its angular velocity around the sun. Calculating the energy density required integrating a nasty-looking scalar product, and I had claimed that “I do not know of any way to calculate … More Winter, Beats and Open Office Errors

Iran: All We Do, We Do For Peace

Recently, Iran has overtaken the newspaper headlines, mainly for her ongoing nuclear activity and missile tests. In a press conference that took place yesterday, however, Iran’s current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, calmed the worried souls of the world and assured that all his country does is for peace, and peace alone. Our on-site reporter has managed … More Iran: All We Do, We Do For Peace

Of Mark and of Biology

As some of you might know, I wanted to take biology during high school, but instead chose physics, for various reasons. However, this does not mean that my interest in biology lessened, and I still find the topic quite fascinating, especially when related to microbiology or physics. During the weekend, I have written two short … More Of Mark and of Biology

Set up this wall

Germany celebrates 20 years to the fall of the Berlin Wall: Thousands participated in the 20th year anniversary to the fall of the Berlin Wall today, in a massive event which took place near the border which used to separate the two parts of the city. Amongst the attendees were the city mayor, German Chancellor … More Set up this wall

Perpetual Winter

Winter is my favorite season. Refreshing rain, cold, comfortable clothes, clouds, and much less sweat, all make it superior to the hot summer. Why, oh why, can’t it be winter forever? It turns out, that if Earth’s astronomical characteristics were a little different, we could have had an eternal winter (at least in some places … More Perpetual Winter