Thanksgiving is upon us, and although my ancestors did not brutally massacre thousands of Native Americans in colonial ecstasy, and although I do not believe in the Christian god, perhaps it would be a good time to say thanks, in general. If there is some sort creator to this universe, lets call it Nature, know that I am thankful for the following things:

* I am thankful that the atmosphere is such so it absorbs almost all of the ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma-rays and other particles which constantly bombard Earth, else we would all have mutated away;
* I am thankful that Avogadro’s Constant is as large as it is, else I might have suffocated spontaneously due to all the air in the room rushing to the corner by random particle motion;
* I am thankful that Planck’s constant is as small as it is, else a lion might have tunneled through its cage and devoured me at the zoo;
* I am thankful that Earth is located about 150,000,000 [km] from the sun, else it would be too hot or too cold on the surface, and life as we know it could not exist;
* I am thankful that electrons have spin-1/2, and therefore obey the Pauli exclusion principle; else all matter would have degenerated into highly uninteresting lumps.

Whoever did the tweaking and tuning for this wonderful simulation which we call life did a pretty good job.

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