I believe there is life outside of Earth. There are many planets in the observable universe, and thirteen billion years is a long time. I doubt, however, that DNA has much to do with it.
I believe P ≠ NP. How else could it be so hard to prove? Relatedly, even non-standard computing architectures, based on relativity, condensed matter, and quantum physics, have not yet breached it.
I believe in a Singularity. Eventually we will find out enough about individual consciousness to be able to bend it to our will; our bodies, too, will be under our control. What field in life hasn’t succumbed to engineering?
I believe it is possible to understand the world using physics. It seems unlikely (and despairing) to me that the world does not operate according to a set of rules that can be formally described; and while claiming that humans will eventually find out these rules is a strong statement, I look at what we have done so far in so little time, and cannot but be optimistic.

I believe all of these things, and many more. So Gauss-dammit Internet, if you tell me “This policeman pulled over a speeding couple – you won’t believe what happens next!” one more time, I swear I will personally go over there, and pull the plug on you myself.

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