I know, I know, you’ve probably had enough of these only-contain-a-tiny-bit-of-images posts. “Where are our cherished, good-old-time, incoherent mathematical ramblings which we have come to know and love?” you must be wondering. I promise, there’ll be more of those soon(ish). But until then, here’s another one, together with an announcement: I got married!

Skin and bits

My wife and I have a problem. Well, I mean, not a problem, per se. We are “of divided opinions”. She wants to have a baby. I want to program. The two are obviously incompatible. And it’s not that she doesn’t like to program, she loves it very much, coding away her will and command; … More Skin and bits

A singlet’s lament

Valentine’s day is upon us. A poem. Hebrew follows English. When I see your wavefunction collapse into the arms of another man, I feel all my eigenvalues degenerate to zero. You seem so happy together; happier with every measurement, like he is a ladder operator and you, so much more than a good number, are … More A singlet’s lament

The Perfect Match

Valentine’s day is upon us, a cheerful reminder that the main purpose of every living creature is to copulate as much as possible and spray the world with its offspring; the more, the merrier. This is certainly easy enough for all those twice blessed prokaryotes; twice blessed, first, for their asexual reproduction via mitosis, obliviating … More The Perfect Match

Valentine Confession

Valentine’s day is upon us, so I think it’s a good time to say this: I love mathematics. I suppose that a large part of that is similar to what some people look for in their beloved ones: the mystery, surprise. Mathematics, with all her hard-set iffs and irrevocable deduction, always manages to surprise me. … More Valentine Confession

If I Were a Pirate

חבר לעבודה ביקש ממני לתרגם את השיר “לו הייתי פיראט” מאת השלושרים לאנגלית (וודאי כדי להרשים בחורה כזו או אחרת). החרוזים פחות או יותר נשארו, וגם המקצב, אז בסך הכל אני דיי מרוצה (פרט לשורה המזוויעה, “ודמי יתנפץ אל הדופק”). If I were a pirate If I were a pirate, if a princess you were, … More If I Were a Pirate

Relative Love

A poem about a poor physicist’s attempt at love. Relative Love When I was young, I loved a girl, A maiden fair, with ruby lips and golden curl. A wild rose, merely scenting her perfume Ignited delight; like to see her bloom! I observed her life from day to night, Loving from afar, basking in … More Relative Love