I know, I know, you’ve probably had enough of these only-contain-a-tiny-bit-of-images posts. “Where are our cherished, good-old-time, incoherent mathematical ramblings which we have come to know and love?” you must be wondering. I promise, there’ll be more of those soon(ish). But until then, here’s another one, together with an announcement: I got married!

Skin and bits

My wife and I have a problem. Well, I mean, not a problem, per se. We are “of divided opinions”. She wants to have a baby. I want to program. The two are obviously incompatible. And it’s not that she doesn’t like to program, she loves it very much, coding away her will and command; … More Skin and bits

A singlet’s lament

Valentine’s day is upon us. A poem. Hebrew follows English. When I see your wavefunction collapse into the arms of another man, I feel all my eigenvalues degenerate to zero. You seem so happy together; happier with every measurement, like he is a ladder operator and you, so much more than a good number, are … More A singlet’s lament

The Perfect Match

Valentine’s day is upon us, a cheerful reminder that the main purpose of every living creature is to copulate as much as possible and spray the world with its offspring; the more, the merrier. This is certainly easy enough for all those twice blessed prokaryotes; twice blessed, first, for their asexual reproduction via mitosis, obliviating … More The Perfect Match

Valentine Confession

Valentine’s day is upon us, so I think it’s a good time to say this: I love mathematics. I suppose that a large part of that is similar to what some people look for in their beloved ones: the mystery, surprise. Mathematics, with all her hard-set iffs and irrevocable deduction, always manages to surprise me. … More Valentine Confession