New paper in Communication Physics: A phase diagram for bacterial swarming

I’m happy to say that the paper “A phase diagram for bacterial swarming” has been published in Communication Physics ( This paper is the result of ancient long-running research (started in 2015…) and is joint work with Avraham Be’er, Bella Ilkanaiv, Daniel Kearns, Sebastian Heidenreich, Markus Bär and Gil Ariel. In it, we analyze how … More New paper in Communication Physics: A phase diagram for bacterial swarming

A primitive model for genetic recombination

Introduction: I’m taking a class in general genetics at the Technion, and there we learned about genetic recombination, and in particular, homologous chromosome crossover: a phenomenon where chromosomes exchange sections between themselves during meiosis. When this happens, some of the members of the population exhibit “recombinant genomes”, which are different than their parent genomes should … More A primitive model for genetic recombination

Two Bachs at a Time

I happen to have a radio receiver both in the living room and in my own room. Often both of these are turned on at the same time to the same station (the countrywide classical station, obviously), so they play exactly the same thing. I noticed a peculiar effect when the two radios were turned … More Two Bachs at a Time

Of Mark and of Biology

As some of you might know, I wanted to take biology during high school, but instead chose physics, for various reasons. However, this does not mean that my interest in biology lessened, and I still find the topic quite fascinating, especially when related to microbiology or physics. During the weekend, I have written two short … More Of Mark and of Biology