New paper on arXiv: Decomposition of mean-field Gibbs distributions into product measures

I’m happy to say that my advisor Ronen Eldan and I recently uploaded a paper to the arXiv under the title “Decomposition of mean-fields Gibbs distributions into product measures” ( This is a sister paper of the previous one about exponential random graphs: this one presents a “general framework” and only briefly touches on how … More New paper on arXiv: Decomposition of mean-field Gibbs distributions into product measures

A singlet’s lament

Valentine’s day is upon us. A poem. Hebrew follows English. When I see your wavefunction collapse into the arms of another man, I feel all my eigenvalues degenerate to zero. You seem so happy together; happier with every measurement, like he is a ladder operator and you, so much more than a good number, are … More A singlet’s lament

There are no zeros in physics

I recently read an article by Joseph Ford: “How random is a coin toss?” (1983). In it, Ford talks about the relation between completely deterministic systems and the seemingly random behaviour they sometimes produce. “Roulette wheel spins, dice throws […] are universally presumed to be completely random despite their obvious underlying determinism. Weather, human behavior … More There are no zeros in physics

I am The Harmonic

List of courses for which I’ve had to solve (for class, assignments, or tests) simple, damped, and driven harmonic oscillators: Physics 1: The student encounters this recurrent and relentless creature for the first time. Physics 2: Now with electricity! Physics lab 1: First chance you actually get to see it in real spacetime. Still have … More I am The Harmonic


Sometimes, people ask me why I study physics. Lately I’ve been asking myself that as well, especially with respect to my future studies. Then again, sometimes, when I read a book or walk about in the garden, I happen to accidentally look at my arm and HOLY SHIT MY HAND IS MADE OF 1026 PROTONS … More Unfathomable