Introduction to sandwich making

The Technion offers many of its mathematics courses, such as infinitesimal calculus and algebra, at several levels, with each course aimed at a different audience. At the lowest level are courses aimed at the “soft sciences”, such as biology, which usually need only elementary, paractical calculations. In the middle sit the majority of the Technion’s … More Introduction to sandwich making

Descent into madness

This post is about the basics of the “gradient descent” method for finding the minimum of a function. I started writing it mainly to review the optimization material of lectures by Sébastien Bubeck given in Seattle. All of the material can be found elsewhere (for example, Sébastien’s book), but I can assure you that in … More Descent into madness

New paper on arXiv: A conformal Skorokhod embedding

I’m happy to say that I recently uploaded a paper to the arXiv under the title “A conformal Skorokhod embedding” ( In this post, I’d like to explain what the Skorokhod embedding problem is, how I came across it, some previously known solutions, and my own tiny contribution. But really, all of this is just … More New paper on arXiv: A conformal Skorokhod embedding