Few courses are better

At the end of the semester, in order to see their grades, students at the Weizmann Institute must complete an online survey about each course they participated in. The survey asks questions about both the course and the teachers, and the results are then shown in a “previously, on ‘Topics in Holomorphy’ ”-styled section in … More Few courses are better

Electric Insanity

My piano is mentally ill. Now, you might be wondering how it is that a piano can be sick, but it’s an electronic piano (Korg SP250), and thus has a specialized electronic brain in charge of imitating the sound of tiny hammers hitting strings when I press its plastic keyboard. And like any brain, it … More Electric Insanity

Skin and bits

My wife and I have a problem. Well, I mean, not a problem, per se. We are “of divided opinions”. She wants to have a baby. I want to program. The two are obviously incompatible. And it’s not that she doesn’t like to program, she loves it very much, coding away her will and command; … More Skin and bits

The many faces of Mona Lisa

Or: fooling around with image processing kernels. Original greyscale: Edge fit + bw cutoff: Partition into multiple bw images and taking Laplacians: Plain Laplacian + bw cutoff: High frequency removal by partitioning into multiple bw images: Sexy dark high frequency removal: Subtracting low frequencies from original image: Overshooting Laplace central element (does this filter make … More The many faces of Mona Lisa