An Interesting Hitchhiker

Most people hardly take the time to stop and take a good look at the world. We have our lives to run, people to meet, places to go, things to do, and that’s a fact. What’s more, we already know quite a lot about the basic things we deal with in our everyday lives. We use pencils all the time. We (try) to swat flies all the time. Not much use in tallying about them, is there?
I have a Peak 10x magnification loupe. In essence, it’s a miniature microscope. It’s not the cheapest lense, but that allows it to capture some fine details. Sometimes I like to grab the closest thing next to me, and examine it a bit.
Most of the time its a printed circuit board, or a book, or my own skin, but the other day, the closest thing next to me happened to be a small beetle that clung to my shirt as I was cycling through the wondrous fields. I found it treading across my back, and cordially removed it and gave it proper honor. You may have heard or noticed that aliens in the science fiction media tend to be heavily influenced by insects and bugs. “Space Troopers”, “Alien”, “Zerg”, all somewhat resemble creepy crawlers here on Earth. I suppose it’s because many people have a profound irrational fear of such creatures.

It’s not until you meet an insect up close, that you can really appreciate its “alienness”, as compared to humans. Really up close. Up close and personal.

Not something that you would want to meet in the middle of the night, is it? But it’s so small, smaller than my thumbnail. An entire world can rest on my thumbnail. Myriads of entire worlds pass us each day. But we are too busy to look.

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