I believe there is life outside of Earth. There are many planets in the observable universe, and thirteen billion years is a long time. I doubt, however, that DNA has much to do with it. I believe P ≠ NP. How else could it be so hard to prove? Relatedly, even non-standard computing architectures, based … More Credo

Water to the Edge

Not a long while ago, I was in a situation in which I had to sit in a chair in one place for eight hours a day, fourteen days straight. Obviously, such extended periods of stationary inactivity can make a man bored down to his core, so at times I played with my water bottle, … More Water to the Edge

Relative Love

A poem about a poor physicist’s attempt at love. Relative Love When I was young, I loved a girl, A maiden fair, with ruby lips and golden curl. A wild rose, merely scenting her perfume Ignited delight; like to see her bloom! I observed her life from day to night, Loving from afar, basking in … More Relative Love