Introduction to sandwich making

The Technion offers many of its mathematics courses, such as infinitesimal calculus and algebra, at several levels, with each course aimed at a different audience. At the lowest level are courses aimed at the “soft sciences”, such as biology, which usually need only elementary, paractical calculations. In the middle sit the majority of the Technion’s … More Introduction to sandwich making

People of Budapest

I just got back from Budapest, where I participated in a summer school on graph limits, groups, and stochastic processes. The school was enriching and contained good lectures from good speakers. I might even get to write about the mathematical content one day, if I ever actually understand what really went on there. But today … More People of Budapest

Programming complex transformations

Facebook should change their “It’s complicated” status to “It’s complex”. That way, real people with imaginary girlfriends could spread the news to all their friends! – Ancient proverb We were learning about conformal maps in complex function theory. While we did plenty of “circles are sent to circles” and “connected components are sent to connected … More Programming complex transformations