The Hottest Day of the Year

The Question: Not long ago, all drenched in sweat after standing outside for five minutes, I asked myself, “what is the hottest day of the year?” The answer that immediately came to mind was, “summer solstice – the longest day of the year, of course!”, which is around the 20th of June. It makes sense … More The Hottest Day of the Year

How Dense?

In the last post I talked about the physics and considerations behind the gravity train. A crucial part of the calculations involves the average Earth density. This is what determines the period, or how fast the train will go. It also determines the pressure our tunnel must sustain, and the amount of work we must … More How Dense?

Grav Train

We all love flying: it’s both an exhilarating experience and a fast way of getting from place to place. But jet planes are gas guzzling beasts and produce immense amounts of CO2. Plus, it can take an entire day to fly around the globe; way too long for impatient businessmen. Here I would like to … More Grav Train

Nightly day

Winter is finally here, and the nights are getting colder. And longer. It now starts to grow dark at 17:00, and at 18:00 it feels like the middle of the night, or so my friends have shared with me. The Autumn Equinox, the date in which the night and day are of equal length, has … More Nightly day

Perpetual Winter

Winter is my favorite season. Refreshing rain, cold, comfortable clothes, clouds, and much less sweat, all make it superior to the hot summer. Why, oh why, can’t it be winter forever? It turns out, that if Earth’s astronomical characteristics were a little different, we could have had an eternal winter (at least in some places … More Perpetual Winter