They still do it

This is a queasy post. It should make you feel good, because you will hear fantastic music, but it should also make you feel bad, because you’ll see sexist comments. You can’t avoid the comments, really. They’re in deep. For this is a current fact of life: when a woman gives a technical, professional, or … More They still do it

I don’t like spinach: Book Review: Giant Book of Jokes

I got Joseph Rosenbloom’s “Giant Book of Jokes” when I was around 9. It contains over one thousand jokes, which really might seem like quite a lot for a young boy. In an age before the graphical image macros and social media, one did have to resort to books to get some literary humor. I … More I don’t like spinach: Book Review: Giant Book of Jokes

Celebrity Academy

A lot of famous actors want to make the world a better place. For example (thanks, Wikipedia!), Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated several million dollars to causes such as Doctors Without Borders, relief efforts in Darfur, and restoration after hurricane Katrina; Jennifer Lawrence supports the World Food Programme and the special olympics; and Johnny … More Celebrity Academy

Not suspicious at all

It’s not every day that you get an email like this: Dear Dr. Renan Gross, Greetings from Journal of Insights in Biomedicine It gives us immense pleasure to e-mail an eminent person like you. We have chosen few scientists who have contributed excellent work in the field of Medicine and it will be our honor … More Not suspicious at all

Do not track

“Home is where the wifi connects automatically”. The question remains to be asked, how does it know to connect automatically? Well, of course, the computer saves a list of network names (or other identifiers) and their passwords, and tries to connect when it sees one it recognizes. I bet the passwords are saved in plaintext, … More Do not track

Israel Should be Worried About its Vespene Gas Economy

Ever since gaining independence in 1948, Israel has always boasted about its world-leading vespene gas economy. Surpassing Arab neighbours in both production and usage, it is by utilizing this valuable resource that Israel was able to maintain an technological edge over its competitors in the past. Prior to the 6 Day War in 1967, Israel … More Israel Should be Worried About its Vespene Gas Economy

UN Urges to Impose Sanctions on Cockroaches

UN Headquarters, New York: At a speech given yesterday in the General Assembly, UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon demanded from the various countries of the world to impose economic and diplomatic sanctions on cockroaches. “Nations of the world, hear me out, for today we live in a state of emergency, and all that we love … More UN Urges to Impose Sanctions on Cockroaches

Steve Jobs announces new “iSkyscraper”

Not long after releasing the iPad, Apple’s latest product, Steve Jobs continues astounding both audience and critics: in a press conference held yesterday (Sunday), Apple’s CEO unveiled the new “iSkyscraper” – a quality made, intuitively designed skyscraper, designated to be easy to use with its large 200 x 40 meter touch screen. “Well, basically, we … More Steve Jobs announces new “iSkyscraper”

Letter of Advice

Dear Iran, it has recently come to our attention, that you are in the process of developing advanced nuclear technologies. In particular, it seems that you are specifically intent on acquiring atomic bombs and other super-lethal weapons of mass destruction. As a general rule, we applaud such actions of violent and pernicious nature, and therefore, … More Letter of Advice

Scientists Have Found the Reason for Global Warming

Scientists believe that they have found the true cause for global warming – that is the claim of professor Rachel Slimstein, from the California Institute of Technology. Recently, she has published a paper in both the prestigious journal “Nature”, and the high held “Science”, describing her findings. “For many decades now, thousands of scientists have … More Scientists Have Found the Reason for Global Warming