The Oregon Trail

You may have gotten the impression from my previous post that I went to the United States in order to do a project on randomness and quantum mechanics, or something of that sort. This, of course, cannot be further from the truth. My real goal in life would never be something as silly as mess … More The Oregon Trail

Grav Train

We all love flying: it’s both an exhilarating experience and a fast way of getting from place to place. But jet planes are gas guzzling beasts and produce immense amounts of CO2. Plus, it can take an entire day to fly around the globe; way too long for impatient businessmen. Here I would like to … More Grav Train

Car Game Theory

Large, heavy cars will forever roam our roads, adding to overall pollution and drinking up our gas. There are all sorts of factors that people consider when buying a car. One of them is “I need a machine which will get me from point A to point B the fastest way possible”. While this may … More Car Game Theory

Scientists Have Found the Reason for Global Warming

Scientists believe that they have found the true cause for global warming – that is the claim of professor Rachel Slimstein, from the California Institute of Technology. Recently, she has published a paper in both the prestigious journal “Nature”, and the high held “Science”, describing her findings. “For many decades now, thousands of scientists have … More Scientists Have Found the Reason for Global Warming