People of Paris

I just got back from Paris, where I participated in a summer school on high dimensional probability and algorithms. This was a cool school, with a course on mirror descent by Sébastien Bubeck and a course on applications of matrix sampling by Joel Tropp. I might even get to write about the mathematical content one day (ha!), in order to get a better understanding of what happened there. See the difference between this and the previous summer school I attended?

Anyway, today I’d like to share something else. I had only a tiny bit of free time to roam around Paris, during which I managed to snap some photos with my Incredible Super High-Res Powerhouse Vorpal Camera of the Zodiac (aka a 12 megapixel smartphone camera). Now presenting:

People of Paris: an Exhibition

Outdoor concert

Happy family

Owner and pet

Underground admiral

Long term parking

Lost in thought

The senate

1994 Convertible

Rest area

Taking all these pictures requires extensive use of the subway system. These are filled with hurried, determined people, who do not give even a second glance to the tricolor hexagonal tiling Potts model instance decorating the walls:

Potts evolution

Well, one can wish, anyway.

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