They still do it

This is a queasy post. It should make you feel good, because you will hear fantastic music, but it should also make you feel bad, because you’ll see sexist comments.

You can’t avoid the comments, really. They’re in deep. For this is a current fact of life: when a woman gives a technical, professional, or skillful performance, regardless of how well she fared, she will also be judged on her appearance. The self-appointed judges might rule in her favor, or they might rule against her; that is immaterial.

Here is a music video of Alexandra Whittingham, playing “One day in November” on the guitar:

Quite beautiful, isn’t it? Others certainly think so; the video has over 90,000 views. Here are some of the 82 comments:

  • Beautyful piece played by a beautyful women, music makes us realy beautyful life.
  • Beautiful performance from beautiful Alexandra!!!
  • You are the most beautiful thing I have seen in this world! you are like an angel! And your way of touching. It is so beautiful to hear you and to see you play the guitar like that. I adore you
  • I have never seen a great female guitar player who is not breathtakingly beautiful. Something is going on.
  • I watched more than 10 times, Alexandra very beautiful, as well as her way of playing
  • beautiful music. beautiful woman. why keep her beauty and playing in the shadow? videomaker focused too much on his composition than the talent he should have shown
  • beautiful girl..beautiful music=))
  • I think I almost fell in love! You look so beautiful and your performance was really smooth,emotional and musical

On the other hand, here is a music video of Antonio Malinconico, playing the same piece:

Antonio’s video has over 143,000 views, and 74 comments. Can you guess how many of those comments referenced his physique?

Naturally, the more popular a video is, the more comments it gets, and the stronger extremes there are in the comment quality. Thus, ironically, the highest quality videos attract some of the lowest quality comments. Here is Ana Vidović, playing “Asturias” on the guitar:

Ana’s video has over 12 million views, and 5715 comments. Here is a selection from the most recent ones:

  • OMG how she holds that guitar sexy as hell
  • want to marry her
  • I want to be a Guitar now :-)
  • If I were a nasty wizard I would lock that lady on the top of a tower to play for me eternally.
  • lo mas HREMOS mejor, love the way you play the guitar , you are so very gorgeous women women , what a talent you have .
  • Only thing I’m impressed by, is her beauty. Otherwise, she is very proficient.
  • Looks like a godess and plays like jesus himself. Life isn’t fair
  • is it just me, or am I the only one that finds this EXTREMELY SEXY?
  • who can dislike this. so beauitful, the music, the sound, the guitar, the woman.
  • Beautiful girl for play awesome legendary acoustic guitar..i love it!!
  • id kiss her on the cheek w/ consent
  • What the diference? Pornstar or, this nice girl.. The way is diferenent.. So many hour leranining.. She”s amezing :-)

You can compare Ana’s interpretation with that of John Williams:

John’s video has over a million views and 698 comments. This time, I did manage to find sexual content in the comments:

  • His wife must be jealous of his guitar
  • i bet his wife wishes he’d finger her rather than bobby her!

How much guts it takes to upload, knowing that this is what awaits them. How much guts it takes to step up to the stage, the podium, the stand, alone against a room full of men. Yet they still do it.

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