A Prime Book

Look, look! It’s a book!

With 5 shekel coin for scale

I wonder what’s inside.

It’s really good they started from 1.

I sure am glad that the Weizmann mathematics library is “in the know” and keeps only the most updated and useful books around. In case you haven’t heard much about prime numbers, you can read about them in the book’s introduction:

The introduction is actually rather short, though, and we quickly arrive at what we have all gathered here for in the first place:

This goes on…

…for 130 pages.

Alas, books those days did not come with AdBlockPlus pre-installed, and it seems that pop-up ads were just as popular back then as they are today:

I’m glad to know Wolfram-alpha was a thing even then.

I guess this counts as a “users who bought […] were also interested in […]”:

What does this all mean? Do the primes end after 10,006,721? Will there be a new edition? The echoing questions remain unanswered; the only clue is a small handwritten note, scribbled in pencil on the aging back cover:

(Snide comments aside, this is actually pretty cool! Also hello to all the readers from the not-so-distant future who will mock my primitive written-text-posts-on-internet!)

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