People of Budapest

I just got back from Budapest, where I participated in a summer school on graph limits, groups, and stochastic processes. The school was enriching and contained good lectures from good speakers. I might even get to write about the mathematical content one day, if I ever actually understand what really went on there.

But today I’d like to share something else. I had a good bit of free time to roam around Budapest, during which I managed to snap some photos with my Incredible Super High-Res Powerhouse Vorpal Camera of the Zodiac (aka a 6 megapixel smartphone camera). Now presenting at a gallery near you:

People of Budapest: an Exhibition

Still life: the selfie generation.
See, the conquering hero comes
The happiest girl
A lesson in physics
The incarnation of cool
Just another day at the office
To there we peacefully stride

That last picture was taken in the Kerepesi Cemetery, which is a gorgeous graveyard filled with statues, monuments, and mausoleums. While randomly strolling through scattered tombstones, I came across a very peculiar one:

This grave, unfortunately not very well kept, belongs to Dénes Kőnig, of “Kőnig’s Theorem” fame in combinatorics. To there we all do peacefully stride.

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