Our beautiful

I recently got back from a sixteen day vacation in Croatia. Croatia is a beautiful country, renowned for its lush forests, crystal lakes, stunning mountains, and dreamy coast. The natural thing to do, therefore, is to stay cooped up for almost two weeks in the Gymnasium of the small town of Požega, and teach three high schoolers about laser displays.

Sounds a little similar to last time, I know. But this time, unlike the last, I actually got to see some of those lush forests, crystal lakes, stunning mountains, and dreamy coast. Indeed, after the hectic Summer School of Science, I finally managed to get a road trip in Our Beautiful Homeland. Here are some photos; a more technical description of the school might appear later.

It all started in Zagreb. Cloudy with a chance of sweat and Egyptians.



Zagreb’s main square is truly a wonderplace. Not a day goes by without some artistic or cultural event. I have at least one more post I want to write about some interesting cultural phenomenon I saw there. But that will wait for another time, as the Summer School of Science was just around the temporal corner.

After a 7 half-hour bus ride to Požega, S3 started. I will not go into detail here, just post pretty results: the students built laser scanners using speakers, and used them to generate Lissajous curves (and more!).



After the camp there followed several more half-hours of bus riding, followed by even more bus riding. Overall, buses are a good place to be. Some of them even have wifi.
But all that sitting quenched inside various means of public transportation certainly paid off. For now, in prophetic order, we have our sightseeing. Lo and behold the prophetic order!
Lush forests and crystal lakes:



Stunning mountains:


Dreamy coast:



Ah, Croatia, you are as mysterious as you are beautiful. It’s almost needless to say, you truly have captured me.


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