The many faces of Mona Lisa

Or: fooling around with image processing kernels.

Original greyscale:mona_lisa

Edge fit + bw cutoff:mona_combined_gradient_cutoff

Partition into multiple bw images and taking Laplacians:mona1_multi_laplace

Plain Laplacian + bw cutoff:mona_laplace_cutoff

High frequency removal by partitioning into multiple bw images:mona_no_high_freq

Sexy dark high frequency removal:mona_the_dark_low_freq

Subtracting low frequencies from original image:mona_high_frequency

Overshooting Laplace central element (does this filter make me look old and cracking?):mona_too_much_laplace

Diagonal gradient:mona_one_directional_diagonal

And yet, throughout the whole process, she just keep smiling.

3 thoughts on “The many faces of Mona Lisa

    1. No library, it’s all self-implemented in C.
      You are definitely right in terms of source control – it would also enforce better maintenance than “” files, and it provides backup. I even already have a git plugin for emacs. But:
      A) It’s a bit daunting to publish, because this is “incomplete” code – it has a lot of inefficiencies, code duplication, maybe some not-so-proper style. This is because I am not going to abstract or optimize things when I’m in the middle of having fun with the essence of code. What I have right now is ok for me when I’m experimenting, but it’s definitely not high quality. It’s more of a sketch.
      B) In this particular case, the filters and methods are known and mainstream; most of these things are about 3 lines in Matlab, if not less.

      1. OK, I had a hunch it was implemented by hand 🙂 Well, it’s up to you, but I would encourage you to publish it anyway, no matter the state. I would find it interesting to skim through, even if it’s hacky/undocumented/incomplete/…

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