The Oregon Trail

You may have gotten the impression from my previous post that I went to the United States in order to do a project on randomness and quantum mechanics, or something of that sort. This, of course, cannot be further from the truth. My real goal in life would never be something as silly as mess around with the foundations of nature, mathematics, and computer science. It’s to see as many trees as possible. And what better place to do that than Oregon?
So up we went, my friend and I, into pine country. It was the middle of Fire Season – where, unlike other gaming seasons, it is the fire that hunts the humans. But no signpost of “extreme fire danger”, “Beware! Cougars ahead” or “Danger of bears” will keep us out.
As in any good trip, first comes careful planning. A meticulously detailed and elaborate road plan was laid out, and consisted basically of drawing a closed circuit in Google Maps and hoping everything will converge in time and that we’d find places to sleep.


Rather surprisingly, this plan worked out quite well. There were a few deviations (The California Redwoods were too much of a temptation to ignore), but overall, this was the trip. Notice the repulsion from the center – too many cities, not enough trees.
So, did we get to see some trees? Most certainly! Many, many trees. Here is Boyscout, a hefty redwood in northern California (it did not return my embrace):


Better than trees, however was moss. And better than that, were trees and landscape covered in moss.


There were also picturesque mountains, Sahara-imitation desert, and volcanic lakes:




But worry not, we had plenty of energy sources to make it through!


Final verdict: Oregon is a beautiful place with friendly people. You should go there! (you should also try to mess around with the foundations of nature, mathematics, and computer science, though; try to do some of both!)

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