My first Wikipedia edit

Hurray! Yesterday I made my first Wikipedia edit. Years of meticulous dedication and research – in areas ranging from physics and mathematics to philosophy and absurdism – have finally paid off. I can only imagine all the wonderful places I can go from here. True, I spent about ten hours writing the whole thing, but certainly this is the starting point of a majestic career. The culmination of my open souce academic life can finally be seen here:

Yup – I added the 4th line, disambiguating geometric complexity theory from other, non-interesting matters, such as Gwinnet County Transit, or the ISO 639-3 code for a German dialect. Needless to say, not 10 minutes after hitting “save” (9, actually), my contribution was edited, trimmed of capital letters and a stray period. The wheels of perfection are grinding hard at work, I guess.

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