Relative Love

A poem about a poor physicist’s attempt at love.

Relative Love

When I was young, I loved a girl,
A maiden fair, with ruby lips and golden curl.
A wild rose, merely scenting her perfume
Ignited delight; like to see her bloom!

I observed her life from day to night,
Loving from afar, basking in her light,
For how could I seduce such goddess pure?
That she’d reject me, I could not endure!

But soon enough, I was lovesick to burst,
“Shatter this silence that sits like a curse!”
I had to confess my genuine love,
And leave my fate to the Heavens above:

“Sole love of my life, my life I would give
To merely glance at your figure. I live
As to worship you, O goddess of mirth,
Am your faithful disciple; unmatched on Earth
And on all planets, from Heavens to sea;
Come, let us embrace, together we’ll be
Lovers and loyal, forever and true;
I have found true love, and that love is you.”

I winced in advance, to soften the blow,
For mighty it strike, if she would say “No”,
But she just smiled, a soft glint in her eye,
In celestial song came her reply:

“Your love is boundless, majestic and deep,
There’s only one thing that I ask you seek:
A pretty rose, from the planet’s far side;
Complete this for me, and I’ll be your bride.”

Praise the gods and rejoice, shudder with joy,
I had to prove that I was no mere boy,
But a man, overrun by ecstasy;
I had to impress my princess to be!

So I ran, to the far side of the world,
Sprinting like a tundra wolf, and behold,
My legs pumped out with enormous power,
Within mere seconds I’d hold that flower!
It was as if love had boosted my strength,
With each stride I took, I covered such length
That not even lightning could match my speed,
As fast as light, I was racing indeed!
I zipped the land, after a sliver of time
I had claimed the flower, her beauty was mine!

Upon my return, my face turned stark white;
Standing alone in the grim dead of night
My joy turned to grief, my mirth lapsed to dread,
I was informed that my lover was dead!

How far had I gone, in search for her heart?
What deed had I done, to make her depart?
I had finished my quest, but woe is me:
I had forgotten about relativity!

Swifter than foxes, so faster than trains,
Quicker than falcons, zooming right by planes,
Nimbler than any, no matter how odd,
Racing with Hermes, that powerful god,
Even photons had hard times keeping close,
A fact that not many others can boast,
Electrical rays were kept far at bay,
Awed by my rather ravishing display
Of skill and of speed and velocity,
In par with light’s clear luminosity.

When one goes so fast, one must keep in mind,
That photons and light are one of a kind,
For at these speeds, unlike one would expect,
Classical physics withdraw their effects!

The Spacetime I had was not at all flat,
It twist and bent, going this way and that.
Einstein’s laws had taken hold of my frame,
Changing my ticks so my strength did not wane.

In amazingly relative motion,
There’s no time or space for thought or emotion,
The curvature curves, clocks barely tick-tock,
Fermis and Bosons slow down to a stop.

‘Twas seconds for me, yet decades for her,
As time warped and on itself did recur,
Her health had declined, her body grown old,
For eighty some years I had gone untold.
Being mortal, though she tried to resist,
Life had no choice but to cease and desist.

A last question remained, echoing deep:
How long the waiting, did her faith she keep?
On to the graveyard, in silence unheard,
Etched on Love’s tombstone in deeply marked word:
“Eternally faithful, was patient ’till the last;
Forever she waited, but remained in the past.”

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